Why Go Organic?

Why Go Organic?

1. It’s Nutrient-Rich

Skin has the ability to absorb many compounds, so rather than risk damaging your health with man-made chemically produced Cosmetics it is best to follow one simple key rule for makeup, and any beauty product for that matter, if after reading the ingredient list and you don’t think to yourself, tongue in cheek “hey I might be able to eat this”, then don’t put it on your skin.

Cocoa butter is one of the leading natural moisturisers out there, providing essential fatty acids for healthy, youthful skin. Organic makeup, especially liquid foundation, may have cocoa butter or various nutrient-rich oils to provide a smoother, more youthful look.  

Extracts of white tea, grapes, apricots, and pomegranate seeds provide antioxidant protection and may inhibit collagenase and elastase, two enzymes that break down the integrity and elasticity of the skin. Aside from allergies, you can’t go wrong when choosing a makeup that contains added nutritive components and herbal extracts.

2. Protection from Premature Ageing

Makeup made with natural minerals generally provides a certain level of sun protection. The skin on the face is thinner and more susceptible to UV-related skin aging, so choosing a mineral-rich, organic cosmetic product may help support healthy, youthful-looking skin. Many organic products also provide antioxidants like vitamin C, which has been demonstrated to provide sun-shielding benefits. Choosing the right makeup is especially important during the summer months when the sun is at its strongest.

3. Gentle with Your Skin

In summary choosing natural organic cosmetics are better for your health and the Earth, temporary benefits gained from chemical-based cosmetics, comes at a cost, that should be too high to pay, true beauty comes from glowing health, with Organic cosmetics simply helping to reflect this.  

Having natural looking healthy skin will be and is possible with appropriate lifestyle changes, and by using good quality organic skin care cosmetics that will feed and nourish your skin from the outside in.

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